1965 Nastro d’Argento for the score of “A fistful of dollars”

1969 Spoleto Cinema Award

1970 Nastro d’Argento for the score of “Love Cyrcle”

1971 Nastro d’Argento Award for the score of “Sacco e Vanzetti”

1972 Cork Film International award for the score of “La Califfa”

1979 Academy Award nominee for the score of “Days of heaven”

1985 Nastro d’Argento and BAFTA awards for the score of “Once upon a time in America”

1986 Academy Award nominee, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards for the score of “The Mission”

1988 Nastro d’Argento, BAFTA, Grammy Award and Academy Award nominee for the score of “The Untouchables” ; David di Donatello for the score of “Gli occhiali d’oro”

1989 David di Donatello for the score of “Cinema Paradiso”; Ninth Annual Ace Winner for the score of “Il giorno prima”; Prado d’Oro Lifetime Achievement award – Locarno film festival

1990 BAFTA and Prix Fondation Sacem of the Cannes Film Festival and David di Donatello for the score of “Cinema Paradiso”

1991 David di Donatello for the score of “Stanno tutti bene”; the English musicologist Philip Tagg proposed Morricone for an Honorary Degree at the university of Goeteborg.

1992 Morricone was promoted a member of the Commissione della Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti di Roma. The Academy nominated him for the music of “Bugsy”. He received the Grolla d’oro Lifetime Achievement award in Saint Vincent. The French ministry of Culture Jack Lang gave him the title of Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

1993 David di Donatello and Efebo d’Argento for the music of “Jonas che visse nella balena”

1994 Morricone was the first non-American composer to receive the Lifetime Achievement award by the Society for Preservation of Film Music; The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publisher awarded him with the Golden Soundtrack.

1995 on proposal of the President of the Italian Cabinet, the President of the Italian Republic gave him the title of Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana. Morricone received the Leone d’Oro Lifetime Achievement award at the 52nd Venice Film Festival.

1996 Morricone became Academician of Santa Cecilia

1999 European Film Award, Berlin

2000 on proposal of the Ministry of culture, the President of the Republic gave him the diploma and the Medaglia di Prima Classe di Benemerito dell’Arte e della Cultura. The university of Cagliari gave him a Honorary Degree.

2001 Golden Globe from the foreign press in Italy. Morricone was nominated honorary member of the “Claustro Universitario des las Artes” of Alcala (Madrid)

2002 Morricone received an Honorary Degree from the Seconda Università di Roma.

2003 Morricone received the Golden prize by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as ambassador of the Italian culture in the world.

2007 Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Award was given “for his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the Art of Film Music”.

2008 Bruce Springsteen won the Grammy Award as best rock instrumental performer for Once Upon a Time in the West, from the album We all Love Ennio Morricone.

2009 The soundtrack from the film “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” has been included in this year’s list of inductees of the Grammy Hall of Fame.

2010 was awarded with the Polar Music Prize

In the recording field, Morricone has received 27 Golden Records, 6 Platinum Records, 3 Golden Plates and the “Critica discografica” award for the music of the film “Il Prato”